Veteran’s Benefits: Where to Begin

Veterans of the Korean & Vietnam wars, among others, may qualify for little-known benefits that entitle them to up to approximately $2,000 per month in “Aid and Attendance” benefit.


This benefit is available to an honorably discharged veteran, or their spouse, who served at least one day during a period of wartime.


As an accredited attorney for the Veteran’s Affairs Administration, attorney Van Smith is happy to show how you may also qualify for:


  • How to qualify for the approximately $2,000 monthly benefitfor you as a veteran, or the widow of a veteran;
  • The asset and income rules required for eligibility;
  • How to qualify for Medicaid, while also maintaining this benefit. 


As a wartime veteran, you’ve earned this valuable benefit.  Our estate planning solutions are designed to assist you with qualifying for this outstanding V.A. Benefit.


Attend our live seminar on the 2 Phases of Estate Planning to begin.


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