Ex-Wife of Vancouver Canucks Owner Wants Company Perks

Posted on Feb 17, 2013

The more money you have and the more you own, the more complicated divorces can become. Just ask Francesco Aquilini, owner of professional ice hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. Francesco and his wife of 20 years, Taliah, are divorcing due to alleged adultery on Francesco's part.

Taliah had grown accustomed to the lifestyle her husband's fortune was able to afford her, and she doesn't want those privileges to end. She is requesting use of the owner's suite at Rogers Arena, as well as other team owner's perks—like the Hawaiian vacation home, cell phones, and limousines that she and her husband shared previously.

The Vancouver Canucks are estimated to be worth about $300 million, but Mr. Aquilini's lawyer tried to argue that those assets belong to his family's company, the Aquilini Investment Group. His ex-wife hasn't specifically said that she wants partial ownership of the Canucks, but the team's value is being calculated and will be an important part of the case when it goes to trial.

All assets are up for discussion when it comes to property division in divorce in British Columbia, just as in Virginia. "If she's able to prove that her husband's share of the business is a family asset, she's entitled to half of that share," said lawyer Ravi Hira.

The trial will not start until September, but it is already having a huge financial impact on the spouses. Mr. Aquilini settled a $315,000 debt by selling some of his wine collection, and his ex-wife asked the judge for permission to sell the rest of the collection for $615,000.

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