Posted on Mar 03, 2013

Smith Strong, PLC and attorney Van Smith welcome the forthcoming publication of Van Smith's first book in the Legal Strength Series, entitled The Ultimate Guide to Divorce & Custody in Virginia:  Quickly Get Back to Fully Living Your Life

The firm anticipates a release date of Spring 2013 for the new book.

From the Back Cover:

From The Ultimate Guide to Divorce & Custody in Virginia: Quickly Get Back to Fully Living Your Life


“This book is designed to organize and prepare you for the transition ahead.  If you understand these key concepts, I know you will reduce your stress and anxiety throughout the entire process—providing strength. You will also lower, substantially, the legal fees you pay our firm or the attorney you choose if you are an informed and educated (read: prepared) client… I want to empower you to separate and protect your assets and family with grace under pressure.”

–Attorney H. Van Smith


Van Smith’s compact and clearly organized divorce and custody book, the initial volume in his Legal Strength series, guides Virginia residents through decisions such as how to begin when they feel like their marriages cannot be saved, whether to consult a lawyer, and how to approach issues of custody.


Written in clear language, this book addresses the emotional, financial, and legal aspects of divorce, and covers topics such as the 7 essential steps in divorce planning, mediation versus collaborative law settlement, and what to expect in terms of alimony or child support.


H. Van Smith is a graduate of the College of William & Mary as well as the William & Mary law school. Prior to forming SMITH STRONG, Van worked under highly regarded divorce and family law attorneys in Northern Virginia. He enjoys working to improve his clients’ lives, while also spending time with his family, playing tennis, hiking, cycling, being on the James River, fly fishing, and reading. This is his first book.


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