What is the most common time to get a divorce?

            While holidays are supposed to be a time for happiness and cheer, for many Americans, the opposite feelings are present during the holiday season. In fact, people may be surprised to discover that the holidays tend to be the time of year when the number of divorce filings spike. 

Why does the divorce rate peak right after the holidays?

The holidays often involve family gatherings and these gatherings can be difficult for many people.  Many people cannot stand their in-laws and tensions rise at these family affairs.  Additionally, holidays are often a time when people make mistakes, such as one drink too many at a holiday party. 

In addition, for many people who are unhappy in their marriages, they see the holidays as an opportunity for things to turn around and for spirits to rise again.  Therefore, many people see the holiday season as a last-stitch effort to get their marriage back on track.  However, if that happy feeling does not come back after the holidays, many spouses are ready to call it quits.  Filings for divorce increase in January and February and then peak in March. 

The divorce spike in March occurs because couples need some time after the holiday season is over to get their finances in order, find an attorney, or simply come up with the courage to actually file for divorce.   

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