There may come a time in your divorce proceedings where you or someone in your family is called upon to testify. Before that happens, your attorney will make sure the witness is fully prepared. Any divorce attorney who has logged countless hours in divorce court will know what common mistakes to avoid. Richmond family law office

Cross Examination Practice 
You'll have the opportunity to practice your testimony with your family law attorney. Not only can you work on your answers, but you can also develop skills to avoid being combative. You do not want you to get into a battle of words with the opposing counsel. That will alienate everyone. If there is a question raised that is out of bounds, then the attorneys will surely object. Just don't jump into an answer. Take a moment with every question to put together a proper response. 

Keep It Simple 

We've all become inundated with explosive courtroom dramas on television. As your attorney will mention, that is rarely what goes on in a divorce courtroom. You want to answer the questions directly and simply. You don't have to wonder why your spouse's lawyer is asking something. In other words, try not to get flustered or read too much into a question. 

Getting Your Family Ready
Your attorney has the responsibility to get your family members prepared for testimony. You'll know in advance if they will be called as a witness. There won't be any surprises. Whoever shows up on the potential witness list can go through the same practice sessions as you did with your lawyer. Obviously, members of your side of the family want to be a strong advocate for you. However, they need to follow the same advice that your Richmond family law office gave you. Just keep the answers direct, and stick to the truth. 

Turn to Your Lawyer for Support
Along with all the settlement negotiations, your lawyer will provide a level of emotional support as you go through this process. It will be comforting to know you have an advocate on your side. If you live in the Richmond or Williamsburg area, Attorney Van Smith will be happy to advocate for you in court. He has built a successful family law practice that has helped many clients rebuild their lives. You can reach him by calling 804-325-1245 (Richmond) or 757-941-4298 (Williamsburg) to talk about your situation.