Many divorcees believe that the outcome of their divorce cases solely depends on facts presented in court and that their testimony does not significantly sway judges and case verdicts. A seasoned Richmond family law attorney knows this to be frequently untrue and can work with divorcees to present their witness testimony as favorably as possible in court.

The Power of Testimony

When presented well, courtroom testimony can positively or negatively alter the perception of a plaintiff and actually sway a judge for or against a petitioner.


Other benefits of powerful testimony include:

  • Accruing sympathy from the court for a divorcee's case
  • Reminding the court that the plaintiff is a human being with feelings, hopes, and aspirations instead of a one-dimensional petitioner
  • Telling a story about the plaintiff's life and divorce, which makes the plaintiff and his or her case more interesting and relatable than a group of dry facts


Plaintiffs might reap these benefits by working with an attorney to brainstorm testimony material that would make the greatest impact in front of a judge.


Judges' Responses to Courtroom Testimony

Sometimes, a divorcee can create a bad initial impression in the courtroom, especially if he or she is part of a particularly ugly divorce.

In these cases, testimony can be extremely helpful toward redeeming a plaintiff in the eyes of a judge, which can ultimately lead to a more favorable verdict. However, even if a judge is not swayed in any way by a plaintiff's statements, it is still essential for the petitioner to present strong testimony so the record can accurately reflect his or her statements.


Assisting with Testimony Preparation

Not all people are naturally talented at testifying. Plaintiffs and witnesses who have trouble speaking descriptively yet concisely in court may need to receive extra assistance from experienced family attorneys in order to prepare, internalize, and present solid testimony.


A Venue to Voice Questions and Concerns

Richmond family law attorney Van Smith, and his colleagues at Smith Strong may be able to address your concerns about divorce and courtroom testimony, but only if you reach out and contact him. Don't hesitate to call (804) 325-1245 now and voice your questions.