Clients who have gone through a divorce often ask our attorneys at Smith Strong how to handle the adjustment period and changes after a divorce.Richmond family divorce attorney

Geography Must Be Considered
The children and their well-being is the most important factor, and the parents can make things easier by considering a well-organized schedule that doesn't cause stress. This includes the living situation in relation to the other parent and the child's school. The children are the top priority, and if there's a scheduling conflict, the appointment should be altered if possible, not the time with the child.

Parents Need to Help Their Children Adjust
Even parents who try to keep a stable situation will have different routines. This will affect the children if they're not used to it. The parents must take into account all the adjustments the child will have to make including new schools and new friends. A child who is more regimented might have issues handling such a drastic change.

Try to Keep Conflict to a Minimum
It's not always the divorce that causes problems for children, but the conflicts that come up between the parents. The children should have mementos and rituals that are important to them in each parent's home. If there are frequent disputes between the parents, the child will remember that more readily than a positive experience. Even in the most difficult divorces, parents must agree to have a cordial communication plan with one another for the good of the children.

Relocation Must Be Dealt With by Parents With the Child's Interests in Mind
Sometimes parents want to or need to move to another area. This can be difficult for children. If this might be a problem, the parents must discuss it with an attorney early in the process to prepare for it and help the child cope.