What to do when divorcingThere are some basic things you should be sure to do as you begin the process of divorce.

Steps to Take Regarding Your Career 

It is important to attempt to find a job if you are currently unemployed. If this is the case, you may have been on your spouse’s health insurance and will need to look into finding your own. If you are employed, your attorney will advise you to let your superiors know of the situation. Hopefully, they will be understanding and allow you to make up time if you have to miss any work.

Keep Accurate Records 

Keeping records during your divorce is one of the most important things you can do. Start by creating a list of any property at your home and include photos with dates. Make note of any property that was brought into the marriage or inherited by you or your spouse. If you or your spouse is in debt, obtain accurate records and statements. In addition, you should have copies of any financial records.

Maintain Communication

Your attorney should be kept in the loop about important information regarding both your marriage and its dissolution. Relevant dates should be noted and given to your attorney.

The Importance of Privacy 

While you are probably used to sharing information with your spouse, as you move forward with divorce you will want to maintain a level of privacy. Begin by renting a post office box so that any mail addressed to you will not be intercepted by your spouse. Change your email account and any passwords for ATM and bank accounts. Copies of keys for anything that is no longer shared, such as your home and car, should be returned to you by your spouse.