When thinking about how you would want your property to be divided in your will, you are probably thinking about bigger things, such as your home. One thing you may not be thinking of is your personal effects. Or, if you are thinking about them, you may think “I’ll just let my children sort it out.” While this does work in some instances, oftentimes this can lead to disagreements and contention between your children. In order to mitigate these issues, you can prepare a Letter of Instruction. 

A Letter of Instruction is an informal document that lays out what you would like to happen with your personal property. While it is not a legally binding document, but it is incredibly useful and beneficial for the Executor of your estate. Things that you can (and should) include in a Letter of Instruction includes: funeral arrangements, tissue and organ donation, financial accounts, usernames and passwords, possessions, and more. 

At Smith | Strong, PLC, we always make sure that you have thought of everything when preparing your will. 

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