The case of Santos v. Bedford County Dep’t of Social Services provides an important example of how important it is to stay on top of court proceedings, especially in a custody case.


The Juvenile and Domestic Relations (“JDR”) court took away parental rights from a mother (“Mother”) after determining her unfit. In response, Mother appealed to the circuit court to retain her rights over K.C., her child. The case date was set and when the day came Mother was nowhere to be found. Mother’s lawyer motioned for a continuance, but it was denied and orders were entered approving the Social Services’ goal of adoption for K.C., Mother appealed.

Court’s Opinion

            Mother appealed the circuit court’s decision claiming that the denial of the continuance was improper because the fact that she could not participate in the hearing prejudiced her chances of winning. The circuit court found that Mother had actual knowledge and notice of the hearing because notices were mailed to the guardian ad litem and Mother’s counsel. On top of that, Social Services had tried to serve the notice on Mother, but she had moved and not updated her address. Testimony at trial from a social worker claiming she had informed Mother of the date was also found to be credible. Therefore, the circuit court’s decision was affirmed.

Importance of an Excellent Lawyer

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