Essential Witnesses

So you are set to appear before the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court or General District Court on a protective order matter.

You are nervous about what will happen in court, as this is your first protective order hearing you’ve ever attended.

First, choose a law firm that focuses on family law matters and has experience with these types of cases.

Second, assemble your witness list.

Did anyone see the incident who is over the age of 14?  Write that person’s name, address, and telephone number down.

Has anyone seen previous violent incidents in the recent past?  Jot their information down, too.

Has the opposing party also threatened a friend or relative in connection with this incident?  We will want to know their name, too.

Was there a violation of the preliminary protective order, meaning, did they come near you again?  Were there any witnesses to that violation?  Try to determine their contact information as best you can.

In a he said/she said contest, witnesses can often break the tie, and will assist your case greatly, if any exist.

These and other strategies will be discussed in your first meeting with attorney Van Smith, which we call the SMARTSTART comprehensive case preparation meeting.  

We have the experience you need for your domestic violence case to resolve your protective order or restraining order issue in Virginia.

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