Developing a Contact Schedule with Children after a Divorce

Developing a Set Schedule for Visiting Children after DivorceWhen divorced parents are developing a schedule of contact or timesharing with their children after a divorce, the parents tend to only think about today.  However, you will save money and time if you think of multiple schedules, anticipating the changes in your child’s need and age.  

Certain information should be used as a guide for developing a contact schedule with your ex-spouse based on considerations for everyone involved.

The Importance of Set Schedules

It is wise to have a set schedule. You might not have any problems with your ex-spouse now, but there may be times when your relationship with your former spouse is tough; it is best for you to be prepared now than for you to be sorry later.  

Having a set schedule doesn’t mean you have to use it at all times, however. It is useful to have the set schedule on hand to be used as a provisional measure should your ability to work together deteriorate.

How to Determine Allotting Visiting Time

You should consider the parental involvement and contact during the happy times of your marriage prior to your divorce as a measure of how to allot visiting time afterwards. This is because consistency is very important to the children.

If changes are necessary, these should be discussed. Above all, however, as your child custody attorney in Richmond, VA can tell you, the best interests of the children need to take precedence.

The general presumption and rule is that it is in the best interests of your minor child to have continuing and regular contact with you and your spouse after your divorce.

The parent who opposes this has the burden of showing why this would be detrimental to the children’s best interests. This is a difficult burden to overcome and requires a strong showing that children’s emotional, mental, and physical health would be in risk of permanent harm.

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