A brand-new kitchen is not likely to impact a court order concerning child custody or visitation. 

            In Munoz v. Quinones,  the Fairfax Circuit Court determined that the father’s renovation of his basement into a private bedroom and bathroom for his children was a significant change in circumstance. This material change resulted in the reinstatement of overnight visitation from the original divorce decree. Munoz v. Quinones, Record No. 1834-18-4, April 2, 2019.

A material change in circumstance consists of a significant change of a parent’s situation from when the initial child custody arrangement was determined. Additional material changes that could potentially impact circumstances include:

  • New job
  • New spouse 
  • New address
  • New work hours
  • New educational or medical needs for the child

            Making material changes to a living situation could be the grounds for a change in visitation or custody of your children. Speak with an experienced Smith Strong attorney to determine if changes to your living arrangements could warrant a positive modification of your child custody or child visitation order in Virginia. Please call one of our offices at (804) 325-1245 (Richmond) or (757) 941-4298 (Williamsburg). 

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