Alimony is an amount of money, either paid in a lump sum or over the course of a certain amount of time, that one spouse gives to the other following a divorce. In Virginia, the amount and payment schedule are settled between the spouses, and if that cannot be decided between the two, a judge will make the final determination. There are many factors that go into establishing alimony, including the following:

  • how long the couple had been married
  • net worth of each spouse
  • earning potential of each spouse
  • spouse or family health issues (age-related, physical, or mental impairments)
  • living standards set over the course of the marriage
  • one spouse’s contribution to the other’s attainment of a career or an education

          Permanent alimony—payments granted until the death of one spouse—used to be the most common form of alimony, but as job and educational opportunities between the sexes have become more equalized, that trend has changed. While it is still an option in Virginia, permanent alimony is being eliminated in several states undergoing law reform. Now, a common type of  alimony that is granted is called rehabilitative alimony. This form still involves the above-mentioned factors, but only lasts until the spouse receiving support has enough to become employed and financially independent.

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