Richmond Native Jim LaNeave

Next to the entry in the dictionary for ‘Richmond native’, it’s possible that you might see Jim LaNeave’s picture. I recently had the privilege of talking with Jim, owner of a fantastic financial services business in Richmond called Wealth Innovations. Born at MCV, Jim attended Hermitage High and the University of Richmond. He met his wife of 36 years at St. Andrews Orthodox Church in Hanover, where they still attend. Along the way, they had three children, two of whom (Ashley and Sam) work with him at Wealth Innovations. Perhaps he can eventually convince one of his three grandchildren to follow suit.

As is true with many great entrepreneurs, Jim is a self-made businessman. Working part-time in insurance during college for Aetna eventually led to a full-time underwriting position. After a few years, he learned enough about the business to discover his true calling—financial advising—and he took a job as a financial advisor at Transamerica. In 1988, he decided to take a leap of faith and start his own independent brokerage firm, which eventually became Wealth Innovations.


Personalized Service

As the founder of Wealth Innovations, a full-service, boutique financial firm located at 4905 Dickens Rd, (near the intersection of Staples Mill and I-64), he is happy to help Richmonders plan for a secure financial future. While Wealth Innovations serves all those seeking financial or insurance help, most of the firm’s clients are nearing or in retirement. Sam LaNeave, Jim’s son, came to work with the firm as a financial advisor in 2009 after graduating from VMI.

Together, Jim and Sam implement what they call the “SWAN” plan with clients, better known as “Sleep Well At Night”. By protecting assets, reducing tax liability, and investing conservatively, Jim and Sam offer top-notch financial advising and peace of mind to their clientele. Wealth Innovations is entirely independent -- their loyalty does not lie with a particular brokerage firm or product. This autonomy allows for crafting the best financial plan for each individual client. For those approaching retirement, they often perform a “comprehensive retirement analysis”, which helps answer the question everyone wants to know: Will I outlive my money?

In my conversation with Jim, I just had to ask him one thing: that is, in his opinion, are we out of the recession? Jim said no. He predicts turbulent times ahead—large ups and downs in the market—-and encourages everyone to establish a financial plan as a hedge against economic downturn. Interestingly, he mentioned that his most committed clients came from the downturn of 2007-2008, because Wealth Innovations helped to preserve their assets during that rocky period.


The Free Dinner

One final word- Wealth Innovations offers free Ruth’s Chris dinners. I know this to be true, because I took them up on the offer. It was a fantastic dinner, but also an incredibly informative presentation on planning for my financial future. Consider a second opinion to your financial plan. Call Wealth Innovations at 804-355-5543, or visit them online at

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