Soon after the realization sets in that a marriage can no longer be saved is a defining moment in many of our clients' lives.  And soon after that realization, people come to us and ask, "Should I move out of the house or stay?"

If safety is not a concern, then a more shrewd point must be considered--can remaining in the home compel your spouse to sign the Agreement sooner because they want you out?

Another point to consider--do you have children?  Moving out prematurely, without the children with you, may mean sacrificing primary custody of the children in court later.

And what of the house after the divorce, do you wish to keep it?  If so, better to remain and care for the home, if at all possible.

Each situation is unique and different--it not only involves your situation and desires, but the motives and actions of an often unpredictable spouse.  Important point:  come meet with us before moving out of your home or commencing a divorce action in Virginia.




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