If you and your former partner have shared custody of your children, you will need to also agree on a custody arrangement.  

One common arrangement is a "3-4 schedule", meaning that one parent has the children for 3 nights in Week 1, and then 4 nights in Week 2, and then alternate accordingly.  

Another option is to do a "week on, week off" arrangement, where children go to one parent's home for a week, then the other parent's home the next week, and alternate accordingly.

Finally, a third option is a "2-2-3 schedule", meaning that one parent will keep the children on Monday and Tuesday night, the other will keep them on Wednesday and Thursday night, and the parents will alternate keeping the children every other weekend.  

When considering which schedule works best for you and your children, consider how many drop-offs and pick-ups you would like to make in a given week.  Also consider whether or not you are comfortable with not seeing your children for an entire week.  Work with your attorney to determine the best option for you.  

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