The amount of spousal support received, and the length of payments in any given divorce case can vary dramatically depending upon unique factors.  However, there are some noteworthy trends in the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, outlined below.  

If you have been married 17 or more years, the court considers that a long-term marriage, and will often consider an indefinite or permanent spousal support award.  

If you have been married 5 to 16 years, the court will often focus on half of the length of your marriage in determining the length of time spousal support will be received.  

If you have been married less than 5 years, the court considers that to be a "short-term" marriage, and you will need to focus on figuring out how much money you might need for living expenses in the immediate future.

In any case, if you anticipate needing some degree of spousal support, remember to get in touch with Smith Strong soon, so we can get involved early and plan carefully around your needs.  


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