As family members and loved ones age, it becomes very important to make sure they receive the care they need.  The problem becomes, when the care they need through assisted living or nursing home care becomes so expensive that the rapid depletion of their assets means there is nothing left for the next generation.


            Our firms Elder Law solutions fill that void with a solution and that is a Medicaid Irrevocable Trust plan. To protect those assets from rapid depletion of nursing home costs, here’s what we know, in today’s dollars the average per month cost of a nursing home is $8-$10,000.   Our firm can protect your assets and allow Medicaid to pay those costs.


            Here’s the catch: the earlier we start planning, the better, and the more assets we can protect.  If your loved one was not in the military, the ideal scenario is us creating this plan 5 years or more in advance.  But don’t despair, if you need to put a loved one in a nursing home facility next year, next month, or two years from now we can still get involved and save a majority of the assets.


            It just requires planning: the earlier, the better.  Please download a copy of my free report on Elder Law solutions, how to protect assets from nursing home costs today.  In that book, we’ll share with you the strategies and solutions we design for clients in our firm each week and I look forward to meeting with your family.


            It is truly gratifying to meet with clients each week and know that we’ve not only helped that loved one, but we’ve preserved assets for the next generation.


            Let’s secure the assets your loved one took a lifetime to build, while ensuring they receive the care they need.   Our Elder Law solutions are focused on that goal: protecting assets, providing care. I look forward to meeting with you.




            Our experience as family law, estate planning and elder law attorneys, allows us to be uniquely positioned to understand the numerous family dynamics, particularly as family members care to the elderly through assisted living, elder care, and nursing home assistance.


            The goal is to protect the assets your family spent a lifetime accruing for the rapid spend down by assisted living care.  Often this involves outlining the anticipated timeline of need for assisted living.

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