Often people realize when young heirs inherit a large amount of money that can lead to disastrous consequences.  But many people, when they are crafting their estate plan with their attorney, forget the possibility down the line of heirs going through a divorce and therefore losing half of the inheritance, possibly, that they receive from you.


Here at Smith Strong, PLC, we’re family law and estate planning attorneys.  That allows us to see all to often the ravages divorce can have on inheritances, if not property cared for and planned in advance.


That’s why out trust-based estate planning practice allows you to be absolutely sure, when your heirs receive their inheritance from you, that it’s protected from their own divorce later.


Let’s talk about how simple wills don’t get the job done and how we can truly protect your assets during your life and the lives of your heirs from the possibility of divorce.


            Often people know to protect their young children from receiving everything at a young age.  But they don’t consider how trust-based estate planning can also, if properly crafted, protect their heirs and children from divorce.


Here at Smith Strong, PLC, we focus on both family law and estate planning.  We see what happens to unprotected assets in divorce.  Our estate plans ensure that your assets given to your heirs are protected from the possibility of divorce.


Protect you assets, and give the gift of multigenerational estate planning by protecting them form losing your hard earned assets in a possible divorce.


Simple wills don achieve trust.   Let’s meet and discuss asset protection from divorce with a trust.  Protect your assets and the next generation’s inheritance from creditors, litigation and lawsuits.

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