It is tempting for folks getting divorced to think that they can get a quick, cheap divorce by filling out the forms they find online themselves.  Be very, very careful before doing this. 

Many times, when people try to file divorce paperwork themselves, the courts may find a major error or issue, simply because the forms are unfamiliar and can be confusing. Sometimes, 6-12 months down the road, a person who had hoped to have a "quick, cheap divorce" now has to start all over again, or spend even more money hiring an attorney to fix the situation.  

It is best to hire an attorney who actually goes to court each week, completes these forms routinely, and feels completely comfortable navigating the process.  If you come to Smith Strong, you are in good hands, as our attorneys do primarily family law cases likely similar to your own. We welcome your call today, 804-325-1245.   

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