At Smith Strong, we have developed a detailed, efficient process for settling your divorce case in 3 meetings or less.

In the first meeting, we focus on gathering financial data about your debts and assets, as well as your wishes regarding child support and spousal support.  We also begin drafting a custody and visitation plan. After gathering this information, we are then able to draft a Property Settlement Agreement reflecting your comprehensive wishes. 

In the second meeting, we invite your spouse to the settlement table, review the Property Settlement Agreement (PSA) together, and negotiate all aspects of your case. 

In the third meeting, we answer any final questions, make slight tweaks to the PSA, and have both spouses sign the document, with a notary in our office.

In this way, we achieve your goals in three simple steps.  To reach our Richmond office, call 804-325-1245. To call our Williamsburg office, call 757-941-4298.


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