In some custody and visitation situations, parental anger can play a prominent role.  Sometimes one spouse has anger issues brought on by alcohol, stress at work, or other unresolved personal issues that counseling has not addressed.

The other parent might be worries that the angry spouse will target the kids with his/her angry outbursts. So, protecting kids from these outbursts becomes paramount.  

In these cases, something can be done. We can create a plan together to help protect your children.  

We can work with the guardian ad litem attorney to enroll a spouse in anger management classes or therapy sessions that can often last for several months.  After undergoing therapy for anger management, we can assess the results by speaking with the counselor and also asking the children (13 years or older) whether or not they have noticed a change and feel safe staying with the parent, unsupervised.  

Just remember, there are mechanisms in place to protect your children from an angry spouse.   



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