Child Custody Attorney in Williamsburg, VA and Richmond, VA Discusses the Top 5 Questions He's Asked by Virginia Family Law Clients

Attorney Van Smith is featured in this video on Child Custody matters in Williamsburg, VA and Richmond, VA.

In this video he gives important advice as you consider partnering with the right firm and attorney for your child custody matter.

Most important lesson--don't wait until the last minute--the best chance of success out of court is in the early stages of the disagreement with the right professional that is skilled in discreet negotiation.

And remember, if the co-parent is not being rational, that's what court is for, and it becomes even more critical to have a trusted legal professional that has thoroughly prepared your case, from the beginning, to make the greatest impact in court.

Before you look any further, download attorney Van Smith's book on Divorce and Custody in Virginia--that's Van featured in this video. 

He will meet with you in his Williamsburg, VA or Richmond, VA office.  WELCOME!


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