I am a professor at a local state university and have retirement plans with Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and TIAA-CREF. Recently, I was approached by the Wealth Management folks at TIAA-CREF about estate and retirement planning. They recommended one lawyer to see about the legal aspects of the plan - Van Smith. Our initial meeting was an eye-opener. My wife and I quickly realized Van was someone who was intelligent, well-versed in his profession, and personable. As a professor, I appreciate a good teacher and Van is such a person. He rewrote my will exactly the way we wanted it and explained the value of trusts to us in a very clear and concise manner. My wife had her will reworked last year by another attorney and what Van did for us was clearly outstanding and was more than 75% less expensive. Van will be our "go-to guy" for our legal needs.

Bill O., Professor, Newport News, Virginia, Estate Planning Client