Dear Mr. Smith,

I just read your complimentary download of your excellent book, and the closing thoughts brought me to tears.

Your bookcase analogy was so perfect for my life, as I am 63, have been with my husband for 22 years, and am now at that point where it is time for me to legally untangle my life from his addiction issues. So, I just wanted to tell you you are also a poet!!!

I am in [omitted] County, and just this week, before I found your site, finally went through with the difficult process of initiating a separation agreement with a local family law attorney. After reading your book, I think his advice to me followed well with what you would advise: a great comfort, at this time of uncertainty.

So, thank you again for this public service, and I hope you find much satisfaction in helping families through these difficult times.

Elizabeth F.

Elizabeth F., 63 years old, Separated after 23-year marriage, On Van's Virginia Divorce Book