I appreciate everything this firm has done for me throughout this difficult time and have been extremely happy with the professionalism and courtesy that were extended to both myself and my wife during the deliberations. My career requires the highest levels of customer service so I am very particular about the businesses and associations I have based simply on how they treat their clientele. I chose this firm because of the level of customer service that I perceived in Van's reviews and the fact that he actually takes the time to read them and respond. I read hundreds of reviews of different lawyers and usually the only response was to defend themselves and try to discredit the source, but not Van. His responses show the passion he has for his career and his clients. I was thoroughly impressed by everyone that I spoke with in the firm and they far exceeded my expectations. During the initial consultation he brought in an associate attorney (at no charge to me) to consult with me as well based on my specific situation. They were not pushy or judgmental in any way and we talked well past the hour that was allotted for me (again at no extra cost). I felt very "listened too" and understood every time I spoke with them. Fortunately my wife and I decided to work on fixing things before moving on to the D word. Their counsel and help were exactly what I needed and provided the assurance that if things didn't work they would take care of whatever I needed. To the other reviews that mention being charged repeatedly, I can only speak to my experience but I can't count the times that I talked with Van or another attorney at absolutely no cost simply because they wanted to check in on me. They are always willing to work out a payment solution so don't feel embarrassed if you need to ask for their help in figuring it out or a little more time until that next paycheck comes (I personally had to do so and was amazed at the understanding response I received). I will be sure to recommend them to anyone I know that may need their services and will be back if I should ever need too.Brian, consulted Van in 2015 for family law matter