"Dear Van,

Thank you for supporting our Police Blessings bags project sponsored by our Women's ministry.  Your contribution was such a valuable addition to the bags.  We were able to bless 75 officers with bags at the end of July and beginning of August and are workingon another 150 bags for a November delivery.  The officers loved the ink pens and we are using the letter openers and chapsticks for the November delivery.  I wanted to share the reaction from one officer so that you can see the impact of your gifts.  

The Sunday following the major distribution of the bags our Women's ministry leader had the opportunity to meet one of the Henrico officers at our church.  She asked if he had received one of the bags earlier in that week.  He responded, "Those came from this church!  No, I didn't get back to the stration fast enough to get one.  They were gone very quickly but I heard all about them.  Everyon was really excited about them and so thankful that a group had remembered them during this time of turmoil.'  After he shared, she had the privilege of thank him for his service and presenting him with his own bag.  The look on his face was so full of joy and he thanked her over and over.  This small token of appreciation made a huge impact on him and he was excited to share it with his family.  

Our goal for this project was to be a blessing to these officers so they would know they had support in the community . . . .

Thank you again for giving towards this project, especially during these challenging times.  

Best Regards,"


Dr. Ben Gutierrez

Grove Senior Pastor

Dr. Ben Gutierrez, Grove Avenue Senior Pastor