I had the trifecta from hell: A custody battle, a divorce, and then a PSA enforcement of said divorce.  All three were handled by Van and his team.  I was never lacking in communication and they were always very thorough to explain my options.  What was most impressive, was that during this time (and it was the better part of 3 years for all of this), several attorneys had life event changes and had to leave.  I had two attorneys leave during my cases.  I was afraid things would be jumbled when the next attorney took my case, but thanks to Van, transitions were smooth.  He even took on my case himself to make up for events that were obviously beyond his control when the second attorney had to move.  A third attorney was on my case then too, but Van had been personally overseeing everything from the start.  The team always made sure to double review  every drawn up document carefully with me.  We had some air-tight agreements because of this.  

All three events had better than expected outcomes, and I give that credit to Van and his team for their legal skills, their presence in court, and very clever drafting of legal documents.

A final note. While they're based in Richmond, they do have an office in Williamsburg (they know the judges here too).


Daniel D., James City County, 39 years old, Divorce and Custody client, IT Specialist