I first reached out to Van Smith a day after being served a notice for spousal support for 70% of my income. Scared and worried, I found Mr. Smith on the internet and was encouraged by his specialization in divorce. He met with me outside of regular hours and while on vacation (over the holidays) making a special trip to Williamsburg just to meet with me. His office was very upfront with the purpose of the initial visit and cost (a one hour consultation) with no obligation. Mr. Smith called me himself to provide directions and confirm.

After the hour, I hired him on the spot.

Since I have been working with him, I have received invoices at the agreed upon schedule. I go over them with a fine tooth comb and have not found any discrepancies yet. His staff has been upfront and honest and allowed me to complete work on my own to cut cost. His paralegal provides most of the information gathering for discovery, which is good because she is cheaper.

Mr. Smith makes it clear that he meets with his entire team every week to go over the case and make sure everything is on track. After this meeting, I often get calls for clarification and other information. It is helpful to know that at least once a week, everyone is on the same page. He provided me with his direct contact info and has answered every question the day of being asked. His staff is very responsive as well and I have never had to leave a message.

I have been to court once with Mr. Smith. It was clear that his experience has taught him very effective strategy. He was anticipating the opposing attorney's underhanded move to obtain temporary support without a formal hearing. He was able to squash this, and demonstrated that he expected this all along. My first hearing was a clear victory. After the hearing, he sat down with me one on one in the courthouse to move on to the next step.

I will say that he is personally involved in my very complicated case and has made an effort to understand all the intricate details. I have not had any abnormalities in my invoices, and I've looked. I work a lot with the paralegal, but just on information gathering. Strategy and court appearances have all been handled by Mr. Smith himself. At this point, I have no regrets in hiring him and would repeat in a heartbeat. My only regret is not hiring him sooner.

Psychiatrist and Client; Age 35; James City County, Virginia