Smith Strong is a dedicated, professional law firm that fights for their client. Their knowledgeable and responsive staff help to ease an often stressful situation.

Smith Strong utilizes the most recent advances in telecommunications to gather, collect, and maintain information for your case. I started as a client living hundreds of miles away from Virginia. Their ability to use Google and Apple based communication and data services made physical location a non-issue.

The firm has represented me in three litigation suits, all involving custody, visitation, and support brought against me over the past 18 months. They make all attempts to work out a settlement, but are not timid to go to court. In my case, mediation was not possible. Smith Strong has been successful in all three court cases.

Van Smith represented me in the latest dispute. Mr. Smith figuratively and literally wrote the book on Divorce in Virginia. His polite and down to earth demeanor reflect well in court. He is tenacious, knowledgeable, and well spoken. These characteristics make him an excellent and sought after attorney.

I highly recommend Van and the Smith Strong law firm to anyone going through this unfortunate situation. They are truly looking out for your best interest and the best interest of the children involved. You will not regret the decision to make Smith Strong part of your life. Rest assured they will work diligently for you.

Kerri Day, Mother of 2, King William County, Virginia, Custody, Visitation, Support Client