I recommend his firm to anyone who asks for a referral!

At a very scary crossroads in my life, Van and his team guided me with expert and professional advice. He addressed all of my concerns and was able to keep my case out of court (even though I was pushing for it). I was copied on all correspondence efforts to opposing counsel and vary rarely had questions, because it all made sense. His reputation precedes him and his work proves it. A kind lawyer that isn't slimy and still knows what he is doing.....they do exist!


H. Van Smith’s response: “Lorraine, I'm grateful for your kind words. This year was a time of incredible transition for you, and my hat's off to you for facing that moment with grace under pressure. It was a pleasure to serve you and keep your matter out of court. Thank you for trusting me and my firm with this responsibility. Keep in touch, and I can't wait to hear about what's next for you. Sincerely, Van”Lorraine K, Divorce Client, King George County, Virginia, age 35 years old