Recently, I was served with Divorce papers. I knew I needed an expert in family law. I asked friends, family members, co-workers and had no luck. I finally began searching online. I called and visited several law offices, but didn't feel they were the right fit for me. I then called Smith Strong and initially spoke with Katie. She was kind and her soft spoken sincere concern for my particular situation, led me to hire the family of Smith Strong.

Several weeks later, I called and spoke to Kaitlin about my financial circumstances. She reassured me that they would work with me and Kaitlin has been true to her word. Debbie and I have had a ton of e-mail exchanges and she's been quick to respond. She is especially quick to respond to my sometimes panicked e-mails, even on weekends. Van updates me regularly and has never missed a call. He has shown true compassion toward the needs of me and my family. My divorce process has been an emotional life altering event, but with the encouragement and reinforced support from the family of Smith Strong, I will be able to endure what lies ahead and for me that makes all the difference.

Thank you, to everyone at the family of Smith Strong 

Kimberly, divorce client, Williamsburg