I sought the legal services of attorney H. Van Smith approximately six months ago when I separated from my estranged husband. Van not only represented me in my child custody hearing; he also provided his services in a tangled web of protective order, child custody, child support, and divorce proceedings.

I knew Van would be someone I could trust at/after our first meeting/consultation. While matters such as divorce and custody can be extremely stressful and sometimes cause one to lose sight of the issues at hand, Van has demonstrated that he does not and will not lose sight of what's in the best interests of his clients. His court room demeanor is knowledgeable, attentive, direct, and probably best described as having the beautiful strength and effectiveness of a quiet storm.

Smith Strong is also equipped with a WONDERFUL staff (Donna, Brittany, Abigail, and Stephanie)! EVERYONE is aware of your case and offers gentle guidance through the legal process. They keep their clients regularly informed of the status of their cases which proved to be especially helpful/appealing to me. Some people believe that when they seek legal services, they are retaining a lawyer. In my case (and I'm sure in the cases of Van's other clients), I gained a knowledgeable TEAM of true friends, a wonderful support system, and an extended family who cares more about the interests of their clients and clients' children than lining their own pockets.

Not choosing Van to represent me would have been a disservice to myself, and I'll never go with anyone else from this point forward.

Matseliso, Mother of 1, Henrico, Virginia