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We love to help educate our clients about their options when it comes to divorce and family law in Virginia. We have created this online article library as a way to empower our clients and give them the tools they need to be an active, informed decision maker in their legal matters.

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  • People who play the role of a parent Stepparents, as well as those who act in the place of parents, have certain rights under the law. This article explains the nuances involved in these situations.
  • Adoption Cases Without Birth Parent Consent Courts will review 8 factors in adoption cases in which consent by the birth parents is not possible. Smith Strong can help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond).
  • Filing for adoption as a foster parent A Virginia judge found that foster parents did have a legitimate interest to file for adoption. For adoption help, call Smith Strong: 804.325.1245.
  • Stepparent Adoption of Child Article discusses an important adoption statute involving contact between a biological father and his child. Call Smith Strong for help: 804-325-1245.
  • How to do a stepparent adoption in Virginia An overview of the stepparent adoption process in Virginia. Smith Strong can help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) and 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).
  • Becoming a Stepparent in Virginia There are different legal rights and responsibilities for stepparents, based on whether or not the parent has formally adopted a child. Call 804.325.1245.
  • Stepparent Adoption Procedures for adopting your stepchild explained. Call Smith Strong at 804-325-1245 (Richmond) or 757-941-4298 (Williamsburg) today.