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We love to help educate our clients about their options when it comes to divorce and family law in Virginia. We have created this online article library as a way to empower our clients and give them the tools they need to be an active, informed decision maker in their legal matters.

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  • Divorce and Tax Issues The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts became law in 2017, and affected many aspects os filing taxes during divorce. An overview of some of these issues is provided here.
  • Seven Steps To Start Planning Your Divorce Before you officially start the divorce process, here are seven steps you will want to consider carefully. Smith Strong PLC can help you plan: 804.325.1245.
  • Divorce Deeds and Warranty Deeds Tax advantages of divorce deeds upon divorce, explained. Call Smith Strong for help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) or 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).
  • The New Tax Law and Divorce Recent changes in tax law will affect several areas of your divorce.
  • Business Records as Evidence in Family Law Cases There are some rules around using business records as evidence in family law court. Smith Strong can help: 804.325.1245.
  • Appealing Family Law Decisions Article explains some of the key issues to note when appealing a family law ruling in Virginia. Smith Strong can help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) or 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).
  • Cohabitation and Domestic Partnerships Issues related to cohabitation and domestic partnerships, explained. Call Smith Strong for help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) or 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).
  • Two Requirements for Virginia Marriage A ceremony and a license are required for valid marriage in Virginia. Question? Call Smith Strong, PLC: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) or 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).
  • Transcripts Important in Divorce Court To appeal a divorce case in Virginia, you must have a transcript of initial proceeding.
  • Discovering Adultery Through Digital Media Social media use and smartphones increase the frequency of catching adultery. Smith Strong can help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) or 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).
  • Family Law and Cyber Security Family law rules surrounding cyber security breaches are still evolving, this case in point. Call 804.325.1245 for help.
  • Electronic Messages in Court Electronic messages are being used as evidence in court cases more frequently. Call Smith Strong for help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) or 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg)
  • Financial Mistakes During Divorce Transfer and division of assets in a divorce is complex--here are some important reminders. Smith Strong: 804-325-1245 (Richmond) or 757-941-4298 (Williamsburg)
  • Technology and Adultery Technology is increasing the rate of extramarital affairs, but also assisting spouses in uncovering infidelity. Call 804.325.1245 for help.
  • Divorce, Children and Taxes There are many tax implications to divorce, especially as it relates to exemptions for children. Smith Strong can help: 804.325.1245 (Richmond) and 757.941.4298 (Williamsburg).