This story originally aired on August 24, 2015, and posted on the cbs-6 website here.

Ashley Madison hack leading to increase in local divorces

Attorney Van Smith of Smith Strong PLC and author of, “ Divorce and Custody in Virginia” said he receives as many as 10 calls a day from people seeking a divorce relating to the Ashley Madison hack.

The inquiries are coming from all walks of life and professional careers. However it is heavily one-sided in terms of who contacts smith, and he puts these people in two categories.

ashley madisonSmith said, “about 95 percent are female. About five percent are male. And they are either part of this multi-year problem in their marriage and this is the final straw. Or for another significant portion they had a relative good marriage and this came out nowhere and sideswiped them.”

Smith also said that this time of the year is usually slower for divorce lawyers.

The biggest reason is the start of a new school year, so couples don’t want to impact their children. But he hasn’t seen any drop in business due to Ashley Madison.

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