Kathleen Sicuranza

Kathleen Sicuranza

Former Attorney and Counselor at Law
  • Smith Strong, PLC
  • 5803 Staples Mill Road Richmond, VA 23228
  • 804-325-1245

Kathleen Sicuranza relocated to North Carolina, and served as a family law attorney in Charlotte with the firm Duncan Larson Law, before accepting a formal appointment in the summer of 2020 as a North Carolina court-appointed Guardian ad Litem attorney for children.

Kathleen Sicuranza served as a family law attorney of distinction at Smith Strong, PLC from 2013 to 2016 in our Richmond, Virginia office.

Kathleen has dedicated herself to family law since her first year of law school. Kathleen practiced family law for several years in Richmond, Virginia, where she went to law school. She then relocated to North Carolina for family reasons, and now practices as a North Carolina attorney.

Kathleen has extensive experience representing clients in domestic relations matters, including divorce, equitable distribution (property/debt division), alimony, custody/visitation, and child support proceedings. Kathleen has litigated complex, high conflict divorce cases. Kathleen has always encouraged her clients to assess and consider settlement of any issues appropriate for negotiation or mediation. She has routinely participated in settlement conferences in which her clients came out with a beneficial outcome.

Kathleen understands, however, that not all cases are appropriate for the settlement process. Some cases must be resolved in court in order to fight for the client’s desired result. Kathleen is always there to guide the client through the court system, which she knows can be nerve-racking, especially if it is a client’s first time ever going to court. In complex litigation, Kathleen has worked with private investigators, vocational (employment-related) experts, and forensic accountants on behalf of her clients when special circumstances required specialized knowledge.

Kathleen is also passionate about giving back to her community. Kathleen has been a Guardian ad litem attorney in Virginia and is a volunteer Guardian ad litemadvocate (“GAL”) here in North Carolina. As a GAL, Kathleen works in a collaborative team with the other governmental actors involved in child abuse/neglect cases, including social workers, anti-domestic violence advocates, teachers, district attorneys, and others. Kathleen does her absolute best to be there for the child during what is surely the most difficult time of his or her life, and to achieve a result that will above all keep the child safe.

When she is not advocating for her clients or a child welfare cause, Kathleen enjoys traveling back to Virginia and Pennsylvania to visit friends and family, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and competing in sprint triathlons.